The PSW661 Pressure Switch integrate a pressure sensor and an open collector insulated by a photo-coupler and an electronic circuit are used as an output.
Pressure Switch PSW661 are designed mainly to pressure control and setting in air, oil, water and other liquids in the process. They are also be used in compressor, injection, press and hydraulic power unit.

Technical data

Pressure ranges 60, 100, 250, 400 and 600 bar
Pressure reference Gauge
Over pressure 2 x rated pressure
Burst pressure 4 x rated pressure
Pressure setting method Adjustable by 25 turns trimmer
Pressure setting range ( ON setting ) 0 to 100% of rated pressure
Hysteresis range setting ( OFF setting ) From -1 to -15% of the ON setting
Display of pressure ON Red LED indicator lights
Output interface Open collector insulated by a photo-coupler
Output capacity 40Vdc 100 mA
Residual voltage 1 V maximum
Repeatability 0.01%
Supply voltage 10 – 40Vdc
Reverse polarity Protected
Power requirements < 14 mA
Insulation resistance 100MΩ 100Vdc
Response time < 1ms
Operating temperature range - 20 to 80℃
Storage temperature range - 40 to 90℃
Vibration tolerance 10g's to 50Hz
Mechanical shock 15g ( 11mS )
Operating humidity 95% RH
Pressure media Stainless steel 17- 4PH
Pressure connection G 1/ 4" R 1/ 4"
Housing material Stainless steel 304
Electrical connection Shielded cable AWG26 UL No.2464
Enclosure rating IP54
Natural frequency 20KHz 17-4PH
Weight 120grams approx
CE Conformity EN61326 - 1 ( 2006 ) IEC / EN61000 - 4 - 2 / 3 / 4 / 6

Note: Pressure setting ( ON setting ) and Hysteresis setting ( OFF setting ) trimmers are turned to the maximum in the

clockwise direction after final.


  • 1. Pressure setting ( ON Setting )
    Apply required pressure to the Pressure Switch and rotate
    " Pressure setting trimmer" counter-clockwise until LED indicator lights.
  • 2. Hysteresis setting ( OFF Setting )
    Reduce pressure to obtain the required off pressure and
    rotate " Hysteresis setting trimmer." counter-clockwise
    until LED indicator goes off.
  • 3. Check.
    Repeat ON and OFF setting at least once to make sure the setting is correct.

Switching operation

Electrical connection

Dimensions : mm

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